A Special Couple

How Murray and Heather Manliak give back to Special Olympics
Earlier this year, while accepting The Company Driver of the Year award at the Truckload Carriers Association’s annual convention, veteran driver Murray Manuliak of Bison Transport credited his success to safety. “If I had to name one factor that’s brought me to today’s achievement, it’s […]

View Point – June 2017

The Couple from Canada
At the Truckload Carriers Association’s Annual Conference in Nashville this year, I had the privilege of meeting a couple of individuals who struck a chord with me. Isn’t it funny how sometimes fate puts you right in the path to learn something cool or meet someone you might not have otherwise?
I […]

Safety Tips – June 2017

Family and Trucking
Do you worry about you family while you are on the road?
A driver from Canton, TX was driving near Maywood, IL. He had been up most of the night driving. He was not feeling well and could not sleep. So he drove on.
About daybreak, he pulled into a rest stop. As he […]

Industry Update – June 2017

Trumps Says He’s Willing To Increase The Gas Tax
President Donald Trump said he will explore the possibility of higher gasoline and diesel fuel taxes, suggesting an increase could pay for his ambitious infrastructure plan.
“It’s something that I would certainly consider,” Trump told Bloomberg News in an interview.
The president indicated that the additional money would […]

Bill Mack – June 2017

An Unpredictable Genius
During my tenure as a country music disk jockey and songwriter, I’ve had the occasion to meet some of the most interesting people on the planet. One of the most intriguing was Roger Miller. While most of the others were in Nashville or Los Angeles, Roger lived in Erick, Oklahoma, about 20 […]

Commitments to Service

Stories of truckers going above and beyond…
Highway Transport’s Dennis Williams 20 Year Rolex Ceremony marks his 20 year milestone, plus 37 years of overall service. Simply put, Williams is one of those truckers who “Keeps Everything Rolling.”
The 20th Anniversary Rolex Ceremony officially commemorates 20 years of continuous service. However, Dennis Williams’ dedication to Highway […]

View Point – May 2017

A one-of-a-kind stay
My only child wraps up his first year of college this month. What a year it’s been for us both: him adapting to life on his own, four hours from home; me adapting to life without him, the center of my world for 19 years.
He had a great year, and one of […]

Safety Tips

Computerized Trucking
Do you ever feel you are caught up in too much computer technology? You just want to deliver the freight and leave the paper work to somebody else.
A driver in Missouri attended a safety meeting one Saturday morning. His company introduced new computer technology they had installed. It was going to be monitoring […]

Industry Update – May 2017

Riverside Transportation’s New Refrigerated Division
Riverside Transportation is breaking into the west coast with its Refrigerated Division.  This fleet will operate up and down the I-5 corridor, with various trips to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver and Salt Lake City.
Those who join the fleet, and who live along the I-5 corridor, can enjoy flexible home time […]

Bill Mack – May 2017

Why All Country Music Singers Sort Of Sound The Same
I receive mail and text messages regularly from devoted fans of country music complaining about the direction their brand of music is headed. Some of these people are sincerely afraid country music is losing its identity.
Sam Woods, a friend and former trucker from Topeka, Kansas stated […]