Kicking Those Nasty Habits In The New Year

Well, the New Year is here. This has always been one of my most difficult times of the year. Have you folks made any New Year’s resolutions? Well, I’m going to attempt to check a few things out for you to consider as the new year has arrived.

Are you a smoker? Give it some serious thought. I was a heavy smoker for years, finally, with God’s help, dropped the habit. We’re all aware of the danger smoking causes.

I suggest you give up the habit, but that’s your decision. Then … and very important … is the booze. Heavy drinking causes more accidents than we can imagine. After a few heavy drinks you can easily fall in the shower or over furniture and do terrible damage. This is what happened to super actor William Holden. Many deaths are caused from falling. Check the statistics. Of course, driving while intoxicated is one of the most serious threats of all. Drivers often feel like they’re sober, decide to get in a vehicle and drive to a pub or visit someone.  Before they sober up … if they sober up … chances are there’ll be a terrible accident that can not only take the life of the driver, but the lives of others. Here again, it’s your choice. Yes, I’ve had my share of alcohol and have managed to survive.

If drugs are a problem, desperate help is needed. I’ve managed to avoid the drug habit so I can’t contribute much to the drug addiction problem.

As I think all of this over, I’ve decided my new year’s resolution is to refrain from all negative thoughts and lay on the positive. I have several things I enjoy doing. I’m a fanatic when it comes to golf. I’ve played this complex game for decades but am yet to walk off the course with a very good score. I’ve somehow managed to purchase the best golf equipment available, I’ve played with almost every top brand of golf clubs available to the consumer, they all basically work the same. I even spent a lot of money for some golf lessons from various golf-pros in the Fort Worth area. Every one of them were completely different in their teaching methods. They only confused me so I decided to continue on my own and I’m still playing the same lousy game. However, I’m still addicted to game and I’m looking forward to spring, when the weather is nice, and getting back on the links.

Now, I’m going to focus on something that has no discomfort attached. My favorite past-time is settling down after having dinner, sitting in my favorite chair in our entertainment room and watching some of my favorite movies on our big screen television set. A few months ago my wife, Cindy, and I decided to give ourselves a Christmas gift in advance. We purchased a new Sony 85 in. TV. This is one of the biggest screens available for home use. Viewing a movie in our home is better than going to a theater. We have a big selection of DVD movies in our home collection to choose from. We select one we both agree on almost every night and get things set for our “movie time”, as we call it. I don’t have to go to a lobby service area to purchase popcorn and Cokes because Cindy pops our popcorn and we have a fridge consisting of our favorite drinks. We pick out our favorite movie,  sit back and start the show.

Another thing I’d like to do this year is travel. Although I’ve had many opportunities to travel to various places throughout the world, I’ve chosen to simply go to my favorite spots of interest and enjoy myself. The great musical performer, Jerry Lee Lewis, insisted I accompany him to London at no cost to me just to keep him company as he toured. I told him I couldn’t go with him because of my new radio job in Fort Worth. He appeared genuinely disappointed, but understood. As I look back, that’s one of my biggest regrets. I wish I’d flown with my good pal to London. I know it would have been a tremendous pleasure to be with him as he performed for his fans. That occasion never damaged our friendship. Jerry Lee is still active today and doing well. He’s one of my most treasured friends. I genuinely love this old pal.

I’ve also had the opportunity to board ships and travel to different places of interest but have refrained because I have this horrible fear of being on a sinking ship. I’ve seen two or three versions of the movie “Titanic”. Every time I view one, I can almost feel I’m one of the desperate passengers attempting to find a way to escape the sinking vessel!

Another reason I avoid ocean travel is because I’ve been on two cruises and became sea-sick on both of them. Since I was the guest of honor, I was given special treatment. On the first cruise, I sat next to the captain. The food was the most delicious I’ve ever tasted. However, after dinner as I was headed for my first class cabin, I paused on the side of the ship and vomited my stomach out. My old pal,  Hank Thompson, the award winning recording artist, was on both of the cruises with his wife, Ann while my precious little wife, Cindy, remained home because our first child had been born only a few weeks before the cruise and this tore my heart out. I’ve forgotten the reason she couldn’t join me on the second cruise but I was absolutely miserable without her, feeling guilty of leaving her.

Cindy and I have planned to fly to Europe sometime this year but considering the somewhat unstable condition our world is in, we’re hesitating to make that trip. However, my health is very good and Cindy’s health is good. We may still fly to Europe. If not, we plan to return to Santa Fe, New Mexico, our favorite spot to travel to by land, in our car. Santa Fe is the most tranquil part of the world to us. The atmosphere is perfect as we visit the old chapels and other buildings that have been there for over a century.  We love Santa Fe.

I may not have contributed much to encourage your new year, but I sincerely hope it’s the very best year you’ve ever enjoyed.

In closing: Happy New Year!