Safety Tips

Safety Tips – July 2017

Broadside (T-Bone) Collisions
Have you ever been hit broadside without seeing it coming?
A driver from Cedar Rapids, IA was headed home on Friday afternoon. His delivery was not until Monday in Chicago and he would be able to spend the weekend at home.
After two weeks on the road, he was looking forward to a home […]

Safety Tips – June 2017

Family and Trucking
Do you worry about you family while you are on the road?
A driver from Canton, TX was driving near Maywood, IL. He had been up most of the night driving. He was not feeling well and could not sleep. So he drove on.
About daybreak, he pulled into a rest stop. As he […]

Safety Tips

Computerized Trucking
Do you ever feel you are caught up in too much computer technology? You just want to deliver the freight and leave the paper work to somebody else.
A driver in Missouri attended a safety meeting one Saturday morning. His company introduced new computer technology they had installed. It was going to be monitoring […]

Safety Tips – April 2017

Highway Construction
How many times a day do you go through road construction?
With the infrastructure of our nation in disarray, we will see more and more construction.
A student driver was going through Rockford, IL on I-90. The trainer was in the sleeper.  The student driver encountered construction and the concrete barriers were taking more of […]

Safety Tips

Mounting Your Tractor
Have you ever slipped getting into your tractor?
A driver had just finished unloading and went to move his tractor out of the dock area.
As he approached the tractor, he reached for the hand rail and started to swing up into the cab.  He reached with his left hand to open the door […]

Safety Tips – February 2017

The Dreaded Head-On Collision
Have you had the unpleasant experience of a head-on collision?
A driver was en route to Seattle, WA. He had overslept and was behind schedule. He had an appointment at 10:30 but with luck he would make it.
Traffic was moderate and the weather could not have been better. The sun was behind […]

Safety Tips – January 2017

Space Controller
Do you have trouble controlling your space?

A driver was enjoying the beautiful scenery as he was west bound on I-70 through Colorado. He thought, “If there is a perk with the job, it has to be what you get to see.”  Why some drivers want to speed was beyond his imagination when they […]

Safety Tips – December 2016

Fatigue And The Work Place
Do you sometimes get sleepy and tired at the same time?
A driver had just been awarded the honor of being a Driver of the Month by his company. He was proud of the accomplishment and especially the fact that the company recognized his efforts at being a safe driver.
He had loaded […]

Safety Tips – October 2016

Getting Back on the Horse
How do you respond to the loss of a co-driver especially your wife?
A driver and his wife had traveled many miles together. She had been his co-driver for over 20 years. They had worked for several companies and finally for the last two years were satisfied that they had found […]

Safety Tips – September 2016

Driving Too Fast
Have you ever been guilty of exceeding the speed limit?
It was the middle of the night as a driver approached the Arkansas State line. He was traveling south on Missouri Highway 37 near Seligman in the southern part of the state. He had loaded in Rockville, IN and was headed for Houston […]