Bill Mack

Bill Mack – July 2017

Staying Healthy On The Road
I was an all-night country music disk jockey for decades on a radio station in Fort Worth, and eventually moved to Sirius-XM Satellite Radio where I did a daily program for years. I picked up a huge listening audience from the trucking industry while hosting those programs. As a matter […]

Bill Mack – June 2017

An Unpredictable Genius
During my tenure as a country music disk jockey and songwriter, I’ve had the occasion to meet some of the most interesting people on the planet. One of the most intriguing was Roger Miller. While most of the others were in Nashville or Los Angeles, Roger lived in Erick, Oklahoma, about 20 […]

Bill Mack – May 2017

Why All Country Music Singers Sort Of Sound The Same
I receive mail and text messages regularly from devoted fans of country music complaining about the direction their brand of music is headed. Some of these people are sincerely afraid country music is losing its identity.
Sam Woods, a friend and former trucker from Topeka, Kansas stated […]

Bill Mack – April 2017

The Truth Behind Willie’s Absence
Since it was headline news around the world, you probably took extra notice when it was announced Willie Nelson cancelled several appearances throughout the nation recently because of illness. Those cancelled dates will be made up as soon as Willie is able to hop back on stage and do his […]

Bill Mack – March 2017

Golfing With A Legend
Sometimes, certain happenings from the past shoot to my mind without warning. Recently, I was playing my usual round of mediocre golf when I recalled the day I shared a round of the very complex game with my friend Buck Owens, one of the most successful super-stars in country music history.
Buck […]

Bill Mack – February 2017

The Historic Ringing of “The Three Bells”
Close harmony has always played an important role in country music. This applies to all forms of music, of course. Some songs wouldn’t work as well without the perfect blending of voices.
Here’s one example: It’s difficult for me to imagine “The Three Bells” without the precious harmony supplied […]

Bill Mack – January 2017

Kicking Those Nasty Habits In The New Year
Well, the New Year is here. This has always been one of my most difficult times of the year. Have you folks made any New Year’s resolutions? Well, I’m going to attempt to check a few things out for you to consider as the new year has […]

Bill Mack – December 2016

O’ Christmas Tree… Made of Beer Bottles?
Tis th’ season to be jolly! I love this time of year, Christmas! I like to reflect on this very special occasion by going back to that special era when I was a youngster in my hometown, Shamrock, Texas. I realize I’ve touched on this subject several times […]

Bill Mack – September 2016

For Television… Those Were The Days
Are you a TV nut? Now, don’t presume my referring to you as a “nut” as being personal and offensive, it’s simply a figure of speech that prevailed when television first became such a monumental part of our everyday life. It’s now taken for granted as simply being a […]

Bill Mack – August 2016

I love the month of June. Could be I’m getting a little personal, but it’s my birthday month. As we add the years, a lot of us have a tendency to look back, taking inventory of special happenings that occurred during those accumulative years.
I was very fortunate by being blessed with super-loving parents and […]