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Twin brothers restore 1979 Western Star cabover

Pete and Carl Caporal have been truck-crazy since they were little boys.
Back in the 1960s, their father would take the identical twins to truck stops in New Jersey so they could see the Whites, Internationals and Macks up close, followed by lunch and a visit to the gift shop for truck models.
Not surprisingly, Pete […]

A Special Couple

How Murray and Heather Manliak give back to Special Olympics
Earlier this year, while accepting The Company Driver of the Year award at the Truckload Carriers Association’s annual convention, veteran driver Murray Manuliak of Bison Transport credited his success to safety. “If I had to name one factor that’s brought me to today’s achievement, it’s […]

Commitments to Service

Stories of truckers going above and beyond…
Highway Transport’s Dennis Williams 20 Year Rolex Ceremony marks his 20 year milestone, plus 37 years of overall service. Simply put, Williams is one of those truckers who “Keeps Everything Rolling.”
The 20th Anniversary Rolex Ceremony officially commemorates 20 years of continuous service. However, Dennis Williams’ dedication to Highway […]

Trump and The Trucking Industry

What the new administration intends to do for infrastructure
We’re only a few months into the presidency of Donald Trump, and while the early days have been dominated by talks about healthcare, jobs and travel restrictions, those of us in the trucking industry are looking for news regarding the President’s plans for our nation’s roads […]

Keep Your Relationships Strong On The Road

Last month, lovers from coast to coast celebrated yet another Valentine’s Day. What about you? It’s said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. If that’s true, then long-distance truck drivers should have the strongest relationships of all.
But, as any number of truckers can testify, the road can be hard on romance. Weeks apart, […]

I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing… About Coke!

How Coca-Cola Went From Syrup Soda To Global Sensation
Delicious and refreshing.” “The pause that refreshes.” “I’d like to buy the world a Coke.” “Have a Coke, and a smile.” “Coke it is!” “Official soft drink of summer.” “Taste the feeling.”
Right about now, your tastebuds likely are tingling, as these advertising slogans – these catchy […]

Tips & Tactics for Dealing with Winter Weather

This winter is a nightmare with severe winter storm road conditions. Thankfully, there’s a cadre of supporters with years and years of experience who are ready to get your truck on the road and keep it on the road this winter season. We all know that you aren’t earning if your truck isn’t rolling. […]

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    Wreaths Across America Honors Our Veterans This Holiday Season

Wreaths Across America Honors Our Veterans This Holiday Season

Christmas is a season filled with traditions. Certain family members host annual get-togethers. Recipes that aren’t used all year are dusted off each holiday season to help us celebrate the end-of-year festivities. And on our nation’s roads, a worthy cause takes to the interstates around this time every year to participate in and complete […]

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    How to Appreciate Truck Drivers the Other 51 Weeks of the Year

How to Appreciate Truck Drivers the Other 51 Weeks of the Year

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week was Sept. 11-17. Everyone from big carriers and national industry associations issued proclamations, released videos and said nice things about truckers and how important they are to the economy.
All of that is nice to hear, but it doesn’t necessarily translate into anything concrete for the drivers. True appreciation takes […]

Western Star Truck is Under Glass and Over the Top

Bill Kolias’ truck is so special that he keeps it under glass.
His 2003 Western Star 4900 EX and its matching custom RV trailer are covered in painstakingly applied layers of glass that protect the garnet-red finish and graphics. And it works. Kolias hasn’t waxed the truck since it was glassed in 10 years ago.
“It’s […]