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Regional Trasnsportation Jobs Logo

Regional Transportation Jobs | Southeast, Regional Transportation Jobs | Midwest,  and Regional Transportation Jobs | West are bi-monthly newspapers available to bring exposure of the trucking industry to current drivers as well as non-drivers who are looking for a career in transportation. Along with truck stop distribution, RTJ also reaches potential drivers through atypical distribution points such as grocery and convenience stores. Student and lease purchase ads are featured for readers, along with opportunities from local, regional and national companies looking to reach current and potential drivers. Ads for non-driving positions are welcomed as well.

Job Opportunities for Owner Operators

Job Opportunities for Owner Operators is in its fourth year of publication and has proven itself to be a favorite among today’s owner-operators. As TMP’s premier full-size publication, it enjoys a very high pickup rate and its goal is to provide detailed information about the best trucking companies employing independent contractors today. Along with the unique size of the publication, it also provides a unique look that is designed to help readers conduct the necessary research to make informed career choices. Companies are encouraged to use the pages to aid in owner-operators who need to research potential new homes for themselves and their rig. At a Glance stats provides a quick overview of each company, including pay scale, headquarters, terminal locations, benefits, years in business and more. Pricing is set up to be easy on a customer’s monthly budget.

Trucking 2014 Jobs Guide Logo

Trucking 2014 has been a staple in the industry for well over a decade and is recognized on stands as a great avenue for finding great jobs—whether drivers are company drivers, owner-operators or students. Anyone working in the trucking industry will find an abundance of useful and entertaining information within its pages. Logo is a very popular book among all types of drivers that forges a link between the past and future of driver recruitment. A vital component for the successful trucking industry marketing campaign, bridges the gap between the virtual and the actual, whether for driver recruitment, equipment, products or services. Monthly issues of include articles and industry coverage geared to take advantage of the spread of information technology.

Independent Contractor Logo

Independent Contractor is a bi-monthly and features a heavy percentage of editorial content about drivers, from drivers and for drivers. Companies can enjoy more “real estate” for their marketing dollars and pricing that is easy on the monthly budget. Driver’s View is quickly becoming a favorite among drivers who enjoy reading about vital trucking news, business information, and the trucking lifestyle they participate in.

Big Money Trucking Logo

 Big Money Trucking is a specialty publication for the niche segments within trucking that require extreme attention to detail and typically go beyond the normal tasks of a driver. These driving positions–flatbed, oversized, team, expedited and more–are coveted jobs in trucking and feature impressive paychecks for the driver who fits the needs of these specialized operations.


Independent Trucker Jobs Logo

Independent Trucker Jobs for over 12 years has given owner operators the information that they need to be successful, whether they’re experienced owner operators or just starting out with their own rig. Content features items our readers will find useful and valuable, collected from industry veterans and focusing on issues such as new technology, in-depth company profiles, the latest industry news, and informative feature articles on a variety of topics. On the flip-side of ITJ is Lease Purchase Trucking (LPT). For drivers interested in getting into their own rigs, LPT offers a location for companies to showcase their Lease Purchase options.

Lease Purchasae Trucking Logo

Lease Purchase Trucking is a companion to ITJ, offered on the flip side of one of trucking’s most well known and trusted sources for owner-operators. Through LPT, companies can offer their Lease Purchase programs to help current company drivers realize their dream of truck ownership.


Teams & Women In Trucking Team_l Logo

Team Drivers and Women In Trucking is a highly lucrative market with limitless potential and Team Drivers and Women In Trucking is the only magazine targeting this audience. We partner with the Women In Trucking organization, featuring content from and about the organization and its members and we provide each member of WIT with a complimentary copy of the issue each month.

Along with the female segment of trucking, this book also supports a special breed of driver—those who work in pairs. Husbands/wives, relatives, friends—teams are vital to trucking and this publication is also to help companies reach them. Logo

The Trucker is the leading newspaper in the trucking industry covering national and business news for the over the road segment of the industry. Read by owner operators, company drivers and top business decision makers nationwide, The Trucker is an excellent advertising source for driver recruitment, used truck sales, or product & service companies.

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