Space Controller

Do you have trouble controlling your space?

A driver was enjoying the beautiful scenery as he was west bound on I-70 through Colorado. He thought, “If there is a perk with the job, it has to be what you get to see.”  Why some drivers want to speed was beyond his imagination when they could take their time and enjoy nature at its best. But then drivers were not a problem; it was the 4‑wheelers that would dart in front of him down a hill or fly around him.

Just then a 4‑wheeler darted in front of him and braked to avoid missing another 4‑wheeler that was exiting off the interstate. Their combined action caused him to lock up and he jackknifed into the median turning over on the driver’s side.

The window had been down and in the melee that followed, he felt his arm being caught in the wreckage of the door and the ground. Pain was shooting throughout his body as the tractor came to a rest. He imagined that his arm was gone.

As it turned out, the wreckage of the door actually protected the arm and he only received severe cuts and bruises.

Drivers must be space controllers and must manage their space even in the midst of 4‑wheelers. Ways to improve on this is:

  1. Maintain space between the vehicle in front based on 1 second for every 10 feet plus 1 second if over 30 feet.  For a tractor and trailer combination of 60 feet the space allotment would  be 7 seconds.
  2. Understand that there are times for sightseeing and times for driving.
  3. And understand that 4‑wheelers have no comprehension of the stopping distance required for an 18‑wheeler.

Bottom Line: You will always be blamed for accidents caused by vehicles in front of you – therefore control your space.

That’s the way I see it –
BobHataway   – TransAlive.