The Dreaded Head-On Collision

Have you had the unpleasant experience of a head-on collision?

A driver was en route to Seattle, WA. He had overslept and was behind schedule. He had an appointment at 10:30 but with luck he would make it.

Traffic was moderate and the weather could not have been better. The sun was behind him and he was making good time.

He had just turned on to I-90 from I-82 when to his surprise; a 4-wheeler came across the median in his direction. A 4-wheeler directly in front of him barely missed hitting the encroaching car. His luck was not so good.

The car turned toward him colliding with a horrible crash. With his weight and speed, he pushed the 4-wheeler back almost 250 feet before stopping.

He had his seat belt securely fastened. The belt seemed to cut through his body with the impact of the crash.

His body ricocheted between the steering wheel and the back of the seat like a rag doll being tossed about. His mind raced with possibilities of injuries, but to his amazement, he only suffered a cut on his forehead.

The 4-wheeler driver was killed instantly.

We have a better chance to avoid a head-on collision if we plan ahead:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings with an alternate solution in mind  It is better to have a plan instead of reacting to circumstances.
  2. In all cases, steer to avoid a direct head-on collision.  A glancing blow is more likely for survival for yourself and others than head-on.
  3. Do not get caught unaware.  You are a professional driver – be prepared.  Monitor traffic constantly in both directions.

Bottom Line: Your chances to avoid head-on collisions are better if you respond to a plan instead of panic.

That’s the way I see it –
– TransAlive.