Broadside (T-Bone) Collisions

Have you ever been hit broadside without seeing it coming?

A driver from Cedar Rapids, IA was headed home on Friday afternoon. His delivery was not until Monday in Chicago and he would be able to spend the weekend at home.

After two weeks on the road, he was looking forward to a home cooked meal and … other things. His wife had tickets for a country western concert on Saturday night and he was excited about going. After all, it was not often he got to do things with her and she deserved his special attention.

Cruising through town, he turned on a narrow street that was a shortcut to the truck stop where he could park until Monday. The buildings were close together with alleys separating them.

About two blocks from the truck stop he heard the screeching of tires and felt a deadening bolt that shook his tractor dragging him to a stop. A 4-wheeler with four teenagers inside was speeding down one of the alleys and failed to stop. The passenger in the front seat of the 4-wheeler was killed as the car slid under his trailer.

Although not at fault, it is always devastating to be involved in an accident especially when death occurs. We can potentially avoid these types of accidents if we follow some simple guidelines:

  1. First, due to the size of our units, we need to use the big streets. Don’t be there.  We take up space on narrow streets and adjustments can not be made.
  2. Should it be necessary to use narrow streets, approach intersections carefully, slowly, and looking closely. 
  3. Concentrate on where you are instead of where you are going. He had the truck stop in sight and was not watching where he was.

Bottom Line:  We can’t stop 4-wheelers, but with a little work we might keep them from killing themselves.

That’s the way I see it –Bob Hataway – TransAlive.