Family and Trucking

Do you worry about you family while you are on the road?

A driver from Canton, TX was driving near Maywood, IL. He had been up most of the night driving. He was not feeling well and could not sleep. So he drove on.

About daybreak, he pulled into a rest stop. As he stopped he started experiencing chest pains. A driver nearby called for an ambulance with his cell phone and stayed with him until they arrived.

While they were waiting, the driver repeatedly talked about his wife and children. He had two boys and a girl–all school age. His concern was for their welfare.

He seemed to have a supernatural awareness of his ultimate fate. The driver died on the way to the hospital that morning. Cause of death was cardiac arrest.

Such is the plight of so many drivers across America today. In the midst of their pain, they further complicate matters by worrying even more.

Knowing your available resources apart from your company can help you during these times:

  1. We have a service for your family at no expense to you while you are away from home. One of our 100,000 volunteers can visit with your family. We have a volunteer available for every zip code in America.
  2. One of our volunteers will visit with you while you are in the hospital. They will meet your personal needs such as pick up your family at airports should they come to be with you.
  3. And, God forbid, if necessary, one of our ministers can go to your home to inform the family of your death. They have a full church behind them to support your family in this most trying time.

Bottom Line: You concern yourself with getting better, we will take care of the family.

That’s the way I see it – Bob Hataway – TransAlive.