Fatigue And The Work Place

Do you sometimes get sleepy and tired at the same time?

A driver had just been awarded the honor of being a Driver of the Month by his company. He was proud of the accomplishment and especially the fact that the company recognized his efforts at being a safe driver.

He had loaded that morning after being up most of the night celebrating with fellow drivers. He knew that being the Driver of the Month did not mean that he had to buy the drinks, but he did have a good month. And some of his friends were a little short.

He and his co-driver had to finger print his load and it seemed they would never finish. Sweat was pouring off of them as they went back to the cab.

His co-driver had also partied a little too much and he chose to lead off with the load. About 200 miles down the road he became extremely sleepy

The unit veered off the road and it started up an embankment under an underpass. As the tractor climbed the embankment, it struck the overpass shearing off the top of the cab.

Both the driver and the co-driver were killed in the impact. Fatigue claims too many drivers today. And understanding fatigue is a necessity for the driver today:

  1. When you are sleepy and tired at the same time, you have a chronic disorder of fatigue. Your body is going to make demands on you that you cannot produce.
  2. You think you are in control, but the mind and the body give in to each other placing you out of control. No one is in control.
  3. When out of control, the most frightening aspect of driving is covering miles without knowing what happened.

Bottom Line: Adding a tired body to sleep deprivation creates fatigue and is an accident looking for a place to happen.