Driving Too Fast

Have you ever been guilty of exceeding the speed limit?

It was the middle of the night as a driver approached the Arkansas State line. He was traveling south on Missouri Highway 37 near Seligman in the southern part of the state. He had loaded in Rockville, IN and was headed for Houston by way of his home in Denton, TX.

His wife was going to travel with him for the next 3 weeks. He was excited about her going with him and all the plans that had been made for their time together.

In the darkness of the hour, he came upon a curve at a speed that was too fast. In the ensuing moments, he lost control, left the highway and turned over. He was killed in the accident.

Speed is an absolute killer for drivers. Some ways to avoid speeding and the need for speeding are:

  1. On your shift of driving duty leave one hour early and travel 5 mph slower. Five miles times 10 hours equals 50 miles which is the one hour differential in leaving one hour early.
  2. Understand that there is no excuse for driving too fast. A driver’s myth is that they are more alert at a faster speed.  Momentarily that might be true, but over the course of a shift – NO!
  3. The CDL runs its course with those who want to speed. Drivers who consistently speed are going to get their license suspended. You will not be able to work for anyone.

Bottom Line – What is remembered is not how fast you got there but that you got there. That’s the way I see it.