Mounting Your Tractor

Have you ever slipped getting into your tractor?

A driver had just finished unloading and went to move his tractor out of the dock area.

As he approached the tractor, he reached for the hand rail and started to swing up into the cab.  He reached with his left hand to open the door and in the process; he neglected to set his foot properly and slipped to the ground.

Because his fall was not planned, he landed on his leg in an odd manor and immediately felt a major pain in his knee. Lying on the ground, he grabbed his knee and hung on; his mind was encompassed with the excruciating pain.

The dock foreman called for an ambulance and he was taken to a hospital for x-rays and an examination. It was determined that he had damaged the ligaments in his knee.

His prognosis was that he would need an operation to correct the damage. With a leg brace and crutch, he could get home for the operation.

Mounting tractors is something we take for granted when in essence we need to follow some guidelines:

  1. When you start to mount your tractor, you need to check your hand holds and steps to ensure they are clean.
  2. Thought must be given to the technique for mounting the tractor.  Drivers assume it to be second nature to mount a tractor and little thought is given to the actual mount.
  3. Your shoes need to be clean from diesel, oil and grease.  Sneakers are comfortable but care must be given in wearing them around heavy equipment.

Bottom Line: The trip begins with the mount and ends with the dismount – be careful.

That’s the way I see it –
Bob Hataway – TransAlive.