Take the Trip

Facebook can be fun, it can be infuriating (seriously, if I never seen another animal abuse story it’ll be too soon) and sometimes you come across some pretty cool stuff on there. I was checking out folks’ posts and photos and came across a shared link from a friend called “Take the Trip: best parenting advice” that resonated with me. It was a blog penned by a writer who summed up nicely the exact way I have felt about traveling for the duration of my time as a parent.

Essentially, she said this: don’t let work, home projects, sports, ballet, school, baseball or other activities keep you from enjoying some time away with your family, namely your kids. When you’re tempted to not go because you think you have too many other obligations or are worried about the water bill, figure out a way and GO.

Traveling with your kids gives you all so much more than pure enjoyment. For instance, it teaches you pre-planning (get your kids involved in this phase too) and how to research your destination in advance, figure out how to juggle days, getting there, getting around and getting home. It also teaches how to be flexible and how to adapt to and appreciate new places/food/people/activities. It teaches patience as not everything will go as planned, and you all must adjust with the changing landscape. It teaches you about the world outside your little personal corner of it (your hometown) and often, that others do not live quite as nicely as you. So, you end up with an appreciation of things you otherwise might not have.

Traveling also gives you the chance to de-electronics your kids for a time. They’re doing other things, activities they can’t do at home, seeing things they’ve not seen before, and living in the now.

Going away together allows for family time in a way that doesn’t seem quite the same when all those obligations are pulling at you. Away from it all, you can just BE, you can relax, have fun and keep it casual and together. You might actually have a conversion, share some stories, laugh and learn things about each other you did not realize.

Traveling is my favorite pastime, and I engaged my son in our trips from early on. Sometimes we saved enough pennies to do some pretty fantastic things. Other times, we squeaked out a quick weekend away that a miser would love because it’s what was in the budget. But every time, regardless of place, duration, or Chase’s age, we created memories and enjoyed experiences I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Out of all the parenting advice we have all heard, this was my favorite: Take the Trip.