Sprinkle Some Joy

Welcome to the New Year. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think “new year?” For many, it’s Resolutions. How will the New Year be different for you? No more smoking? Get a better job? Be happy? Start exercising, eating right, cussing less? (Wait; is that last one just me?)

Often, using the change to a new calendar year as a reason to make huge alterations in life is a precursor for failure. You have to have more than a new year to make big changes. You need motivation whether it’s Jan 1 or March 16th or August 5th or any other random day of the year. But with that motivation, all things are possible.

For me, I’ll continue trying to do the same thing I’ve tried to do for many years now: make nice with karma. Throw some good out in the world. Makes it a better place and–side benefit–doing good for others usually comes back to you. Not from the same place or person necessarily, but just in general, your life is better as well. That’s how karma works.

You can do little things or big things, preferably both. Like what? Everything and anything where you’re helping someone who doesn’t necessarily ask for it or expect it. Load an older woman’s groceries into her car for her; buy the person’s meal behind you in the drive thru line; let more than one car merge (tough one for many!); give up your seat on the train; buy your neighbor at the counter a cup of coffee; say yes at the check-out when asked to donate $1 to a charity; tell a stranger they have a great smile; and the list goes on. You never realize how your help or comment might brighten someone’s day when they really needed it.

The other day I was in a Starbucks drive thru. It was cold and rainy out and while I love coffee, I do not usually splurge on $5/cup coffee but I was chilled and this was quick. I pulled up, ordered a single latte, drove around and was told that the person who’d just driven off in front of me had paid for my cup. It was coffee. It was $5. But it absolutely warmed my heart to know that perfect strangers are doing little things to sprinkle some goodness out there at the least expected times and they tossed a bit of anonymous kindness my way.

I immediately looked up to pass the favor forward but alas, no one was behind me in line, so I’ll pick another day to do the same.

Maybe it’s a silly thing but I believe that fate takes care of those who help take care of others. Do for others whenever you can. It can be monetarily if you’re able but lots of help comes in other forms. May you be a blessing to others around you in 2017 and receive many blessings in return.